Terms and Conditions

Texas Cultures Laboratories LLC cultivates native and global yeast, provides diagnostic testing, yeast banking, collaborations and custom yeast strains, as well as operating an open sourced community yeast bank for the purpose of brewery, bakery, and distillery applications as well as sustainability and conservation research.

All visitors, users and contributors acknowledge by their use of Texas Cultures Laboratories materials and/or viewing www.texascultures.community, that they are 21 years of age or older.

Samples donated to Texas Cultures Laboratories LLC by Community Scientists agree to allow us to distribute, propagate, create derivative cultures, sell, name, market, list on www.texascultures.community, or to be used in research, donated to universities, or further the goals of the open-source Community Yeast Bank, and surrender any claims to proceeds from Texas Cultures Laboratories activities.

The Texas Cultures Laboratories logos, “Community Yeast Bank”, “TCL Community Scientists” and “Native. Sustainable. Global. Community.” phrases, as well as all Texas Cultures pure yeast strain names and SCU, are trademarks of Texas Cultures Laboratories LLC. All content on www.texascultures.community (text, blog posts, pages, images, photos, icons, logo etc) is copyright 2016 Texas Cultures Laboratories LLC.

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Last Updated: February 9, 2018