Community Scientists Application

Are you interested in donating to the Community Yeast Bank or collecting a unique and licensed strain for your brewery?  Please contact us with the information below.  Tell us about your culture, your foods and beer community, your favorite places to hike and kayak, as well as the flowers where you live.  We will send you the appropriate materials to capture a sample and send it back to us in the mail.  Your free materials will include sample vials, sterile swabs, and a prepaid envelope back to Texas Cultures Laboratories.

Donated samples from citizens and students will remain the property of Texas Cultures Laboratories, and viable strains will be added to either our yeast catalog or used in environmental research. All donated samples will include the scientist’s name, bio, and place of origin.

Professional brewers have the option to license their strains after testing. For $150.00 annually, we will bank your strain and then prop up pitchable quantities on demand at our standard rates. The brewer/collector will retain ownership of the original culture, and this will not be available on our catalog, or available to any other breweries for purchase.

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Contact Us

We want to know all about you!!  Please use the application to tell us about where you live, your love for nature and adventure, and your favorite craft beer. Do you have a love for unique and different, hand crafted beers?  Do you want to help us pioneer the next generation of research in sustainable yeast applications?  Both?!? We can't wait to hear about it and get to know you.  Fill out the form and start a conversation.  We will send you free materials to collect your own samples for donation to the TCL Community Yeast Bank.  

***Please NO beer/brewery samples. We want the local yeast that truly describes your region and identity! Even if its your favorite spontaneously fermented wild yeast collected from a cool ship in the remote regions of... wherever. Our mission is discovery, and we would never want to spoil what makes someone else unique.***

Native. Sustainable. Global. Community.

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