We cultivate rare and unique yeast, for breweries, distilleries, and bakeries; as well as collaborate with universities in yeast research and sustainability applications. 


We are a family owned business whose love story started in the great outdoors. As proud San Antonians, we started first by backpacking, hiking, and kayaking the diverse Texas countryside, and began collecting native yeast strains along the way. After cultivating over 80 pure yeast cultures, and rigorously testing for multiple applications, we set out to provide the freshest, most unique, and regionally and seasonally diverse brewer's yeast to our local brewery and distillery community. As our passion grew, our vision grew, making it possible to test, map, and categorize our yeasts for breweries, distilleries, wineries, bakeries, as well as universities and research facilities in Texas, and all over the world.

In the literal meaning, we sell yeast cultures. Figuratively, we are bringing the culture, traditions, and unique flavor profiles from regions around the world, captured from yeast to be expressed and used creatively in food and drinks, as well as breakthrough sustainability and conservation research. This single word association represents the driving force of what we do, and in cultivating, sharing, and preserving culture, it is also crucial that we sustain the nature that provides our original samples. In selling our yeast, we continue to fund sustainability projects such as alternative pesticides, anti-fungals, organic fertilizers, as well as ongoing research in antimicrobial and cancer research through local university partnerships.

"With our love of flowers and botany, microbiology and biochemistry, ecology and sustainability; nature has become our lab and our greatest inspiration."

All photography provided by Mara and Rob Green



Find out about our organization, mission, our methods, as well as ongoing sustainability research and future projects.

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TCL Community Scientist

Ready to become a community scientist? You can become a contributor to our community yeast bank.  Apply here to send us samples from your most loved region of the world.

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