Our Laboratory Services

  • Propagation, decontamination, testing, screening services and strain revival.

    • We offer quality control services to meet a variety of needs in breweries and distilleries. We can test, replicate, and screen your yeast strains for desired characteristics for a one time or subscription based service.

  • Yeast Banking

    • Store samples of your unique house strains for years in our -80 Lab Freezer.

    • Starting at $150.00 annually

  • Collaborations and Unique Editions

    • We will preform region specific and seasonal collections to complete your brand identity.

    • If you wish to retain ownership of a culture, we will bank the isolated strains starting at $150.00 a year and prop up pitchable quantities on demand at normal pitch rates. Your strain would not be listed on our catalog, or available to any other breweries for purchase.

  • Proprietary Partnerships

    • Do you want to capture the terroir of a special place, date, or occasion? We will cultivate a strain just for you, sold only to you, for the lifetime of our partnership.

  • Institutional Contributions

    • Unfavorable yeast strains for brewery, bakery, and distilling applications can be negotiated for reduced sale or donation, to local universities and research institutions.

Please contact us for further details.