Sustainability Projects

Our story starts with our love for the great outdoors, the pure wildness of the wild, and the beauty in every flower.  As such, our ultimate goal is to restore and conserve the nature we love.  As our samples come from flowers, fruits, berries, and tree sap in isolated and geographically distinct locations, we have the unique ability to test those samples for more than just their potential to make great beer and whiskey!  Our samples come from all over Texas, the U.S., and Mexico, and soon England, Australia, and Morocco.  We collect ourselves, and also have community scientists from various locations helping in our work. This aspect is crucial because each regionally distinct area offers a variety of yeast strains that can be cultivated for brewery yeast, as well as yeast strains essential for antimicrobial and cancer research, alternatives to pesticides, natural anti-fungals, organic and natural fertilizers, even biofuels!  

At Texas Cultures Laboratories, we aim to cultivate pure, fresh, and unique yeast strains for brewery and distillery applications, collaborate, create, and customize with our local breweries, and provide essential laboratory services, all while we continue our own field research. Our brewery yeast sales and laboratory services help us to fund that conservation and sustainability research that we hope will make a difference for the next generation.